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Proform Harmonic Balancer-Damper Installation & Removal Tool
Part Number BXW-Tool-66514
Proform Harmonic Balancer-Damper Installation & Removal Tool
Proform Part#66514 Harmonic Balancer Installer & Puller Tool
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Harmonic Balancer/Damper Installer & Removal Tool
Manufacturer: Proform Tools

As featured in our first ToolCast episodes on YouTube here:

This tool can be used to remove and install a harmonic balancer or damper on any Ford, GM or Chrysler crankshaft.

Like you'll see in our 'Basic Engine Building' DVD, usually you must have two separate tools. One to remove the balancer and another tool to install it on the crankshaft nose. Save money and get this universal tool to do both jobs. Almost all engines have press-on and off balancers that attach to the crank shaft nose. This tool is an absolute must have. You can't remove or install the harmonic balancer with out the proper tools.

Harmonic Balancer & Puller Tool for GM, Ford & Chrysler engines

Includes a carrying case!

Proform Tools
Part #BXW-Tool-66514
Price: $79.95
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