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Power Building Videos -Advanced Performance Engine Building
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Power Building Videos -Advanced Performance Engine Building
Power Building Videos Power Pack - 11 DVD Box Set
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The Power Building Videos 11 DVD Power Pack

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By: Arron Johnson - Power Building Videos

Knowledge is Horsepower!

This is the complete 'Power Pack' DVD series from Power Building Videos.

This 5 DVD package set includes 11 DVD's total and will give you all of the advanced knowledge for performance engine building and tuning beyond our 'Basic Engine Building' DVD.

These videos have dozens of hours of information from the master engine builder Arron Johnson.

These engine building videos will teach you how to gain the horsepower level your looking for in you next engine rebuild, carburetor upgrade or performance modification. Don't rely on engine building manuals alone. An instructional DVD is visual and more in depth and teaching you how a motor works and how to achieve the performance you want out of your engine.

Includes all 5 titles:

Performance Carburetors:

Learn how to modify, tune & rebuild just about every carburetor on the market. Goes over street performance, drag strip carburation to all out racing carb tuning. Learn proper setting & adjusting for performance & horsepower, jetting & re-jetting and float level adjustment on any carb.

Cylinder Heads, Porting & Valve Trains:

Learn all about the different types of cylinder heads and their valve train systems. Includes many different types of cams (flat tappet, hydraulic roller, solid roller,), lifters, springs, push rods, various cast iron and aluminum heads and more. You'll see what "lift", "duration", "overlap" and "lobe centers" mean, and how they affect your engine. It even teaches you how to degree a camshaft.

Engine Rotating Assemblies:

Learn about the different types of cranks, rods, pistons, bearings, rings harmonic balancers, flywheels, balancing, and everything else that involves the internal rotating assembly of an engine. Learn what engine components to choose for maximum horsepower performance or for fuel economy & efficiency.

Nitrous Oxide:

Learn all about the different types of Nitrous Oxide brands and system setups. From NOS, ZEX to Nitrous Express systems. Find out the differences between nitrous for carburetors and for fuel injection (EFI) engines. The different types of setups that can be used like, cheater, dry fogger, wet fogger & multi stage fogger nitrous systems.


Learn how to tune a blower motor. Learn about the different types of superchargers and how they work. Roots types and centrifugal superchargers. Learn what kind and how big the supercharger for your engine should be. When to use a carburetor with a supercharger & when to use fuel injection for your blower motor.

Makes a great gift for the engine builder in your home or for a hot rod friend.

Power Building Videos Power Pack Combo

Performance Carburetors DVD

Cylinder Heads Porting & Valve Trains DVD

Engine Rotating Assemblies DVD

Nitrous Oxide DVD

Superchargers DVD

Power Building Videos
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Customers Rave Reviews

"Without doubt, your DVD is the best instructional video I have ever seen, bar none.---this is one purchase that I am 200% satisfied with."----P. Burke

"Your DVD made it real easy and fun".---Ken

"Your program is fantastic! I no longer wish to make my own educational video. I now own the Sistine Chapel of engine rebuilding instructional programs."---Damian M--USMC

"I must admit, it is the best that I have ever seen. Even better than standing next to a mechanic"--J. Steiger

"It took my understanding of the rebuilding process way beyond my expectations. I feel more confident than ever after seeing the DVD."--JT--Kansas City.

"WOW. What a great tool! I am confident that I will be able to rebuild my 1971 Pontiac 350."---Kevin

I have to admit, it is one of the best instructional & educational pieces I have ever seen."---Len

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