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Mazda RX-7 13B Wankel Rotary Engine Rebuild DVD Video
Part Number 13B-Rotary-DVD
Mazda RX-7 13B Wankel Rotary Engine Rebuild DVD Video
Mazda 13B Rotary Engine Rebuild DVD Video
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NEW! Mazda RX-7 13B Wankel Rotary Engine Building DVD 

By: Drifting.com

This DVD will show you how to rebuild a Mazda 13B Wankel Rotary engine.

Aftermarket tuning of your Mazda Wankel rotary import engine starts with how-to knowledge of the engine and how to build horsepower inside the engine. Learn how professional import tuners build a rotary engine for high performance racing applications.

The Mazda 13B Rotary is the popular rotary engine found in the Mazda RX-7 and newer RX-8 sports cars from Japan.

The Mazda 13B is a 1308 CC rotary engine, that is typically turbocharged. There are lots of aftermarket engine components for the Wankel engines, as RX-7's are very popular racing cars.

There have been various versions of the 13B engine thru the years, including the 13B-RESI, 13B-DEI, 13B-RE & 13B-REW. The current Mazda RX-8 engine is called the 13B-MSP Renesis.

Unlike our "Basic Engine Building" DVD, this video uses a Mazda Wankel Rotary engine. You can use the techniques for rebuilding the 13B-RESI, 13B-DEI, 13B-RE, 13B-REW & 13B-MSP-Renesis motors. 

DVD Chapter Sections:
  • Dis-assembly
  • Cleaning
  • Inspection
  • Assembly
And much more.


NTSC DVD - English
Run Time ~ 2 hours

How to Rebuild the Mazda 13B Rotary Engine DVD Video



Price: $29.95

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Customers Rave Reviews

"Without doubt, your DVD is the best instructional video I have ever seen, bar none.---this is one purchase that I am 200% satisfied with."----P. Burke

"Your DVD made it real easy and fun".---Ken

"Your program is fantastic! I no longer wish to make my own educational video. I now own the Sistine Chapel of engine rebuilding instructional programs."---Damian M--USMC

"I must admit, it is the best that I have ever seen. Even better than standing next to a mechanic"--J. Steiger

"It took my understanding of the rebuilding process way beyond my expectations. I feel more confident than ever after seeing the DVD."--JT--Kansas City.

"WOW. What a great tool! I am confident that I will be able to rebuild my 1971 Pontiac 350."---Kevin

I have to admit, it is one of the best instructional & educational pieces I have ever seen."---Len

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