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Autobody, Paint, Rust Repair & Welding
We now offer instructional How-To videos from Wall Mountain Company, Inc. These are the best source for learning how to weld. You'll learn all of the basic skills for welding and the equipment involved. While these videos focus on general welding, all of the principles and techniques can be used for automotive welding projects. Great for beginning welders and experienced welders alike. More welding videos coming soon.

#1 Selling DVD
Basic Engine Building

Customers Rave Reviews

"Without doubt, your DVD is the best instructional video I have ever seen, bar none.---this is one purchase that I am 200% satisfied with."----P. Burke

"Your DVD made it real easy and fun".---Ken

"Your program is fantastic! I no longer wish to make my own educational video. I now own the Sistine Chapel of engine rebuilding instructional programs."---Damian M--USMC

"I must admit, it is the best that I have ever seen. Even better than standing next to a mechanic"--J. Steiger

"It took my understanding of the rebuilding process way beyond my expectations. I feel more confident than ever after seeing the DVD."--JT--Kansas City.

"WOW. What a great tool! I am confident that I will be able to rebuild my 1971 Pontiac 350."---Kevin

I have to admit, it is one of the best instructional & educational pieces I have ever seen."---Len

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